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Bitcoin long-term value investment is the best choice


We have to admit that the speed at which we perceive the world is always less than the speed at which the world changes our perception of the world.

Our probability of obtaining wealth is much lower than the probability of a bubble. There are some people who are always worried about bubbles. Our advice is that you should enjoy bubbles when they come.

Bitcoin has been born for ten years, and some people have always turned a blind eye. Since the birth of Bitcoin after the subprime mortgage tsunami in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto dug up the first batch of Bitcoins on a small server in Helsinki, Finland, with a total of 50. By May 21, 2010, the first batch of Bitcoin transactions , A programmer used 10,000 bitcoins to buy a coupon worth $25 in pizza. Then in 2013, when the price of Bitcoin broke through $1,000 and then the highest price reached $20,000 last year, who really relied on Bitcoin to earn 100 million and achieved the small goal? Not many people.

Bitcoin investment long-term value

Bitcoin is different from other bubbles in its history in that it can always be brought back to life. If you fall down to 2 dollars, you start again from 2 dollars. As a result, it stepped up from the US$2 position without making a sound. It broke through the previous high of US$32 in 2013 and became unstoppable. By April 2013, it had rushed to US$260.

In 2011, Bitcoin fell by 94%. In 2013, Bitcoin fell by 80%. In 18 years, the relative high of Bitcoin fell by 80%. The impact of the epidemic in 2020 has fallen from $10,000 to 3,800. USD, BTC has recently risen to USD 10,000.

I think the second half of Bitcoin 2020 will be completely different from 2018 and 2019, but 2021 will be even more exciting.

So we should have a lot of time to make a fixed investment. Don’t dare to buy at this price. As long as you don’t stud, even if the quilt is covered, you really won’t lose much at this price.

Keep a good attitude and don’t worry about whether the currency price will return to zero. Bitcoin can fall by 90% in a year, and it can rise hundreds of times in subsequent years. I know you definitely don’t believe it now, um, I didn’t believe it in the last bear market. At that time, I was pessimistic that I would be satisfied if I broke the historical high of $1,000 within 5 years, but it happened, and it rose from $1,000 to $19,000.

In the face of the market, the use of experience is very limited, because history will never stay the same. Therefore, this prediction is not your futures investment advice. If you are hoarding coins, you can give it a try.

For Bitcoin, it has stored value. Therefore, Bitcoin short-term investment fluctuates greatly, which is suitable for long-term investment in Bitcoin. My favorite sentence is left to you, although this winter is cold, but confidence cannot be cold: Wanna give up. But I can accept failure, can’t accept not trying.


  1. […] Over time, Bitcoin has become stronger and harder to disappear. This is the case with Bitcoin at this stage. Early Bitcoin was fragile. Whether it was the computing power of the network, supporting infrastructure and technology, or the confidence and number of people in the Bitcoin community, the capital to enter the market was fragile compared to today. This process of getting stronger is still going on, and BTC will change again after ten years. So,Bitcoin long-term value investment is the best choice. […]


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