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Choose investments that make you happy


Methodology has no distinction of high or low in nature, it is only natural self-knowledge, self-reflection and self-consistent.

Different investors have different housekeeping skills, which are actually different priorities based on different investment principles and strategies. Once a certain strategy method becomes a belief, there must be something for it.

The key to insisting on an investment method is that you must abide by a set of rules of the game, just like a musician’s heart must have a complete symphony, a poet’s heart must have a harmonious mood, and a soldier’s heart must have a unified belief.

If there are different scales or different sounds in the mind, it will cause confusion in self-consciousness. As long as you adhere to the same basic principles, you can express unlimitedly, and the expressions can be very rich. Therefore, we are not taking value investing as the only way to make money, but taking value investing as a belief, a work and lifestyle that allows peace of mind.

As the so-called impermanence, the scientific and artistic nature of investment must be interpreted differently by different people.

Many investors are concentrating on exploring different investment concepts and methods. Because each investor has different values, ability circles and risk tolerance, their understanding of investment is also different, and their dreams and paths to realize their dreams are naturally different.

The market will provide different feedback on everyone’s ideas. Even if the results of the feedback are the same, the reasons may not be the same; in each feedback, everyone’s income is different for its utility, because each person’s utility curve is also different. So choosing an investment method is to choose your own lifestyle. The starting point is your own heart, and what you choose is something that can make you happy.


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