Home News Good news about cryptocurrencies: YFI, BNB, DOT

Good news about cryptocurrencies: YFI, BNB, DOT


The weekend’s market went better than expected, with many hot spots.

1. YFI coin broke through $40,000 again, close to a record high, including YFII coin also soared.These two projects have also been highlighted in the previous article, and they still have innovative value.

YFI and YFII price

2. Binance released the Binance Smart Chain, starting a new journey of Defi, BNB surged and exceeded $30.

BNB price over 30 usdt

The launch of the smart chain caters to the ambitions of Binance’s open platform, and it also caters to the decentralized development of the industry.

It can be said that the launch of the smart chain has promoted the integration of DeFi (decentralized finance).

At present, the Binance Smart Public Chain is about to start the first batch of on-chain DeFi mining projects, and supports XRP, BCH, LTC, ADA, DOT, XTZ, EOS, ONT and other mainstream currency mining.

3. Binance has also prepared 100 million US dollars to support the construction of the industry ecology. Next week, Binance Smart Chain will launch a DeFi project solicitation contest, and can receive up to 100,000 US dollars in investment funds.

From the night before yesterday, BurgerSwap (Hamburg), Binance Smart Chain’s first liquid mining project, started mining. Industrious farmers stayed up all night and attacked the top mines of “Hamburg”. Farmers already made 5,000 BNB on the same day. , BurgerSwap (Hamburg)’s head mine’s profits are amazing.

Next, Binance Smart Chain will have a series of projects online:

Binance Eco DiFi Development

4. Polkadot Gavid Wood’s twitter posted the news that the xcmp protocol successfully transferred assets:

The price of Polkadot ecological tokens soars

Polkadot ecological tokens have risen sharply, and PHA coin once soared more than 90%.The Polkadot ecology is still worthy of attention for a long time, and subsequent parachain slot auctions will continue to do things.

In general, several aspects in today’s article are worth looking at with a longer-term perspective, not to catch up.

But there will always be a suitable opportunity again, and the opportunity belongs only to the prepared brain.


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