How did DeFi become popular? What is it for?


DeFi has brought a lot of innovation, but innovation is not perfect. It still carries a lot of defects and "side effects". So how did the "problematic" DeFi become popular? If you want to ask what is the use of DeFi, many people only know that DeFi can be hyped, and they can't say clearly what practical...

Choose investments that make you happy

happy investment

Methodology has no distinction of high or low in nature, it is only natural self-knowledge, self-reflection and self-consistent. Different investors have different housekeeping skills, which are actually different priorities based on different investment principles and strategies. Once a certain strategy method becomes a belief, there must be something for it. The...

The stupidest public chain can also make the best DeFi

public chain can also make the best DeFi

Recently, it was discovered that someone had initiated a vote for the stupidest public chain on Chinese Weibo, and the EOS public chain was awarded the title of the stupidest public chain. In fact, people who have never used EOS DeFi are not eligible to vote for EOS in principle. But...

Top 10 most trusted Bitcoin investment sites

trusted btc investment sites

I have compiled 10 excellent Bitcoin and blockchain news, information, and market analysis websites and blogs. Many large-scale blockchain media manuscripts come from these websites, whether it is a blockchain novice, a media person or a senior player, You can learn about the latest, fastest, and most complete blockchain and digital currency news on these websites, which...

Talking about Bitcoin Investment Plan

bitcoin investment plan

Over time, Bitcoin has become stronger and harder to disappear. This is the case with Bitcoin at this stage. Early Bitcoin was fragile. Whether it was the computing power of the network, supporting infrastructure and technology, or the confidence and number of people in the Bitcoin community, the capital to enter the market was fragile compared to...

Bitcoin long-term value investment is the best choice

btc long-term value

We have to admit that the speed at which we perceive the world is always less than the speed at which the world changes our perception of the world. Our probability of obtaining wealth is much lower than the probability of a bubble. There are some people who are always worried about bubbles. Our...

IOST DEFI project: Pumpkin mining is on its way

IOST DEFI project: Pumpkin

Following the popular launch of IOST on Japan’s largest compliant exchange, the first IOST on-chain liquidity mining project, "Pumpkin", developed by IOST node partners and supported by the IOST project, was officially launched in September 13th. Pumpkin is the first liquid mining project on the IOST chain supported by the IOST Foundation. It is...

What is Combo coin? COMBO Project overview

COMBO COIN oracle mechanism

In the first half of this year, DeFi shed the limelight in the digital currency field, with lock-up volume exceeding 11 billion U.S. dollars in a short period of time, and the number of wallet downloads exceeded 5,000. However, from the current application of DeFi, this is just a small test of decentralized finance in the encryption...

Uniswap / UNI coin airdrop collection tutorial (mobile wallet)

Uniswap / UNI coin airdrop collection tutorial

Today, Uniswap announced the release of the platform token UNI, and the three major players and Coinbase announced the launch at the same time within a day. The total amount of UNI tokens is 1 billion, and 15% of the total tokens are distributed to users who have used Uniswap before September. Each account...

What is JustSwap?

What is JustSwap?

Recently, DeFi is undoubtedly the hottest area in the market. According to the latest data, the total amount of DeFi ecological lock-up has exceeded 6.381 billion US dollars. These figures are close to the first token import volume of major global exchanges in 2019, which shows that investors' sentiment towards volatility has not decreased until 2019.