What is cross chain? Top 5 coross chain projects worthy of attention


"Cross-chain" actually solves the problem of information islands in the blockchain and enhances the interoperability of the blockchain.That is, the ability to communicate with each other without barriers. Why is the interoperability of the blockchain so important? In addition to Cosmos and Polkadot, what other projects are solving blockchain interoperability issues? What are their...

Bitcoin market analysis-9.Sep

Bitcoin Price 9.9

Yesterday, the highest price of BTC was 10438 USDT and the lowest price was 9850 USDT (Binance).The 24-hour trading volume of the market is 157 billion USDT. The daily chart of Bitcoin for the last 5 days has the same shape, and the high and low points are also similar. It goes down to...

What is NFT? Next hot toptic is NFT token.

Non-FungibleToken CryptoKitties

Still complaining about not being able to keep up with DeFi? Someone has started to explore the next hot NFT. NFT has recently begun to attract more and more attention.So today, let's take a detailed look at the recent development of NFT, to see what areas NFT has begun to play a role, and...

What does Bitcoin miner and mining mean?

Bitcoin mining machine

Ever since many people have learned that Bitcoin is very valuable and was dug out through mining, their hearts have been restless. However, many people are confused about what Bitcoin mining is and why some people call themselves Bitcoin miners. Today, let’s take a look at what Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin...

Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme

There is a well-known saying in the industry: If you want whole world people to know that you don’t know anything about Bitcoin, the best way is to use the "tulip bubble" as an analogy, and the other is to say that Bitcoin is a "Ponzi scheme." Today, we will talk...

How secure is Bitcoin?

bitcoin safe

Is bitcoin safe? In other words, is the bitcoin in your wallet easy to steal by hackers? Private key, Public key, Address Just as a password is required for bank withdrawal and online banking transfer, it is also necessary to use bitcoin in your wallet. This password is called "private key".

Nearly 10 billion dollars! The more assets on DeFi, the more you are afraid of “rolling over”, and insurance has begun to become a “hot potato”?


It was reported on social media that the audit team of the new liquidity mining project CHICK was found that there was a back door to the contract, and the team could transfer the funds from the contract at any time. This is a true epitome of the booming defi midsummer. In the face...

What is the essence of Cryptocurrency value?


When the price of Bitcoin was at its highest, it reached 20,000 USD. Now even if it drops about 52% from the highest point, it is still worth 10,000 USD. Therefore, many people have never understood why Bitcoin is so valuable, let alone why people in the circle often say "one coin, one villa"....