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How to judge whether a blockchain project is of high quality?


In fact, I have always wanted to tell you about this topic. Many people always pay tuition when they first stepped into the blockchain, including me. No matter when, the gray can’t be erased.

So how to avoid stepping on pits and make your own judgment stronger? Today I will share with you my way of judging.

Since the development of the blockchain, various ecosystems have continued to explode. Of course, as everyone continues to deepen, it can be found that a general project needs to have four elements: white paper, website, open source code, and audit report.

I believe some people will immediately jump out to refute, saying that what they entered is a project with complete elements, but in the end they were “cut leeks”, but in fact, some clues of the dazzling array of projects have already appeared, but they have been ignored by a whim.

You can compare the vegetable projects launched in September when DeFi was the hottest. After Uniswap exploded, corn, sweet potatoes, butter, burgers, kimchi, tuna and a series of imitation dishes rushed out. Friends who have read it should know In addition to UI, Logo design and white paper content, these projects are almost carved out of a template.

Now take out these items and look at them. On the above four elements, they are not lacking, but they also cut a wave of good leeks, so that the apprentices who are new to DeFi can truly understand the operation of DeFi.

The way to evaluate a high-quality project is based on the four major elements. If it does not meet the requirements, just skip it.

The second is to view its official website, whether there is a secondary interface, if there is only one web page that can be displayed, and no other operations are possible, it can indicate that this is a low-cost, watch-only project introduction, which has no practical significance. It is equivalent to the exhibits that can only be seen in the museum, not to mention that it has not so many historical roots to trace back.

The third is to check its contact information. Before, there were projects that issued airdrops under the banner of Difinity in China. I also wrote an article. I ran away the next day. The speed was staggering.

The fourth is to watch its introduction document whether it is slightly innovative based on the existing foundation, or whether it is digging deeper in the subdivisions that are not available in the current environment. If not, it is difficult even if it is a serious project Survive in the change.

If the project is found in the earliest stage, it can be extended to the fifth, that is, the size of its capital pool. You can check its capital flow in the past 4 hours. If you can’t get in and the amount of capital is not very large, it is very It may be a “cut leek-style” project. In this case, it is recommended to enter cautiously.

These are some of my personal evaluation criteria. I hope to share them to help everyone. You can make a pre-investment assessment based on the above content, and have your own thinking about the true development direction of the blockchain.


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