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What is MoonSwap? Moon coin project review.


DeFi is the future and the trend. DeFi projects are flying everywhere, and the most eye-catching project recently is MoonSwap.

What is MoonSwap?

MoonSwap is the world’s first cross-chain hybrid decentralized trading platform. It is a decentralized trading platform built on the bottom of Conflux. It realizes TPS3000+. The most important thing is that its GAS fee is 0 compared to Ethereum, making your experience more Smooth and lower cost.

What is MOON coin?

MOON is a token issued by MoonSwap. According to the introduction of Medium, 98.75% of it will be distributed through mining, 90% of MOON issued by mining will be distributed to users, and 10% will be reserved for team development and optimization and community maintenance.
The total amount of MOON is 100 million, which will be released in 7.6 years, of which 98.75% will be distributed through mining. 90% of the MOON released by mining will be allocated to users, and 10% will be reserved for team use.
Mining will be divided into 5 stages:
l Genesis mining: 100 MOON/block, 50,000 blocks in total (~7 days)
l Phase 2: 10 MOON/block, 5,000,000 blocks in total (~1.9 years)
l Phase 3: 5 MOON/block, 5,000,000 blocks in total (~1.9 years)
l Phase 4: 2.5 MOON/block, 5,000,000 blocks in total (~1.9 years)
l Phase 5: 1.25 MOON/block, 5,000,000 blocks in total (~1.9 years)

Now, MoonSwap platform token MOON has risen to 11.44USDT

Mining pool

After MoonSwap released the online news, it has received enthusiastic feedback from the global community, and many users have provided very pertinent opinions. This has inspired the MoonSwap project party and felt a great responsibility. After listening to the opinions of the community, the MoonSwap project team finally decided to increase the creation mining pool to 23, and add 4 single currency pledge pools. At the same time, SushiSwap LP Token holders can also participate in the creation mining.

Why the project is so hot?

An integrated project. Summarized the advantages of multiple projects. MoonSwap=UniSwap+YFI+Sushi.

What is MoonSwap?

Conflux technical support and endorsement. Conflux is the top technical team in China.

The technology is very powerful and the concept is very advanced. MoonSwap hopes to use the Layer 2 solution of Ethereum to combine the outstanding ideas of Hayden Adams and NomiChef to solve this problem.At the same time, it also brings more surprises to users: the highest TPS is 6000, each transaction is equivalent to the security level of 30 blocks on Ethereum, almost zero GAS fees, more diverse DAO governance, and richer Income portfolio.


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