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SUN coin started trading at a price over 30 USDT


Yesterday, Justin Sun posted on Weibo saying:

The SUN Foundation decided to start SUN’s token issuance in advance.At 12:00 on September 11th, Hong Kong time, users can withdraw the SUN coin generated from mining at 12:00 on September 2 to September 10. The locked TRX withdrawal time remains the same. You can freely withdraw or participate in the official mining of SUN tokens at the end of creation mining on September 16th!

SUN Coin

But everyone has to pay attention, there are a lot of counterfeit coins on Justswap. If you trade on Justswap, please look for the SUN contract address:TKkeiboTkxXKJpbmVFbv4a8ov5rAfRDMf9

By the end of the post, the total amount of TRX locked up in SUN (sun coin) creation mining has exceeded 7.6 billion TRX. At noon today, SUN will be launched on Kucoin. Since SUN distributes rewards to miners one after another, those who arrive early can recharge Kucoin for transactions as soon as possible.

The Sun coin was pulled up to $10,000 at the opening, but this price has no reference value. In the first 2 minutes of the opening of the market, the volume was 450. Someone could indeed sell part of the SUN at the price of 40 to 500 dollars.

At present, the price of SUN coin is maintained at around $30, so the average daily chemical of SUN in the past 8 days is around 2%.

In the last 7 days, the price of TRX coins has fallen by 21.6%. It is obviously not cost-effective to buy TRX in order to participate in SUN mining. Only when there is a long-term plan to acquire TRX, is it worth coming to be a farmer on the TRON.

According to official sources:

TRON’s first official mining project, Sun Coin SUN Genesis Mining, has officially issued the first batch of mining rewards. This time, it is the mining rewards generated at 12:00 noon Hong Kong time from September 2 to September 10 , A total of 1013328.21 coins were distributed to 42,930 accounts, and a total of 42,930 users became the first to mine SUN coins.

Roughly based on the circulation of 1,113,300 pieces of SUN and the coin price of $32.44, the current market value of SUN is about 32.87 million US dollars.

Subsequently, MXC and Huobi trading platforms have also launched SUN/USDT trading pairs.According to Coingeko’s data today, Justin Sun’s JST circulating market value is 58 million U.S. dollars, while the current SUN already has nearly 32 million U.S. dollars. If Justin Sun does not launch more gameplay around SUN, after Sun is officially mining, it will definitely not be able to support the current Market value.

Although after the sharp drop on September 4, DeFi mining projects are still emerging in an endless stream these days.


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