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The stupidest public chain can also make the best DeFi


Recently, it was discovered that someone had initiated a vote for the stupidest public chain on Chinese Weibo, and the EOS public chain was awarded the title of the stupidest public chain.

In fact, people who have never used EOS DeFi are not eligible to vote for EOS in principle.

But they still voted. Those who were not eligible to vote voted, and it worked.

The best DeFi on EOS

Fastest: Needless to say soon. Although there is no legendary million TPS. But there are still thousands of TPS. Transactions are completed in seconds, without waiting at all.

The cheapest: The operating cost is extremely cheap. In addition, mainstream wallets are using love subsidies, which is basically free.

The most scalable: EOS is really cool to write smart contracts, and the most scalable.

Most likely to become an enterprise-level application: high performance, coupled with support for complex software architecture, the possibilities are endless.

The meaning of public chain

Public chain infrastructure is like a piece of land for DeFi. And DeFi is like life growing on this land.No matter how barren the land is, life will be born.

Looking at the vitality of DeFi, it mainly depends on what kind of blockchain spirit it carries, rather than just staring at how much lock-up value and how much transaction volume. People who only stare at APR are extremely short-sighted.

DeFi is the core of the blockchain spirit behind DeFi applications.

Follow DeFi. The short-term rate of return should not be overly focused. Instead, we should fully appreciate the spirit of the blockchain behind it. Is it innovation, progress, or regression? Look at it carefully, it’s clear at a glance.

There has never been a statement in which public chain DeFi should be developed. If there is, that person probably has the currency of that chain. And it was trapped.

So, what matters is not which public chain the DeFi project is developed on. It is the spirit of the blockchain, how and where to express it. I believe that what can be done on Ethereum can be done on EOS, and it can be done better. The silence of EOS in the past two years is just the wrong direction, not only involving pornography and gambling, but also recruiting criminals.

Today, the concept of DeFi is enough to allow EOS to return to the right path to make a real enterprise-level application system: decentralized financial network.

The stupidest EOS in the public chain, as long as it keeps on striving for itself, it can also make its mark.


Blockchain is a creative paradise for idealists, EOS public chain is suitable for DeFi

BM and BB’s Twitter have called out orders online, and they have personally promoted them. EOS public chain is indeed the most suitable for DeFi.

The gas fee of Ethereum DeFi is “shocking”.

The launch of JUST Swap is “shocking”.

DFS on EOS will also be “shocking”.

In the early days of Ethereum, led by God V, it attracted a large group of geeks and bigwigs. This is its impenetrable moat.

The EOS public chain is indeed the stupidest. In the face of every opportunity, there is no marketing, no hot spots, and even people who once called for an order have gradually abandoned EOS. The foundation is not stupid. Developers have to pay out of their pockets to develop something. For example, it is said that DFS developer Zhudi developed DFS with the support of Mr. Ma, which is very inspirational.

The most stupid public chain attracts people who are willing to stay. The best DeFi can also be developed here. Just because the birth of DeFi has nothing to do with the public chain.


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