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What is ACH coin? Alchemy Pay project review


This year’s first payment project Alchemy Pay (ACH) has a strong development strength and background, and will be launched on Huobi Global. So what kind of project is Alchemy Pay (ACH)?

The official positioning of Alchemy Pay (ACH) is the world’s most adaptable de-neutralized encryption infrastructure. We have two “firsts”: the world’s first developer of a decentralized fiat and digital currency hybrid payment solution; and the world’s first decentralized and compliant encrypted payment solution.I like to call Alchemy Pay (ACH) “the connector between digital currency and the real world.”

Alchemy Pay project  ecology

The ecology of Alchemy Pay (ACH) can be divided into four sections: Payment (payment), Network (merchant network), DeFi (decentralized finance), and Trust (trusted assets).

The team has deep accumulation in the traditional payment field. We cooperate with well-known payment institutions and banks. With the advantage in legal currency, the digital currency and the legal currency world are connected, making Alchemy Pay (ACH) a connector between digital currency and the real world, and a series of data assets are derived to give the entire Alchemy Pay (ACH) ecological belt Comes great commercial value. This allows us to secure more application scenarios and contribute to the further acceleration of digital currency in the world.

According to the “Digital Asset Payment Industry Research Report” released by TokenInsight, Alchemy Pay (ACH) surpasses the old-brand similar projects in many indicators, and is more applicable and competitive than similar products. It is suitable for decentralized payment projects. Sex and pain points to solve the number one project, have the potential to challenge Crypto.com and Ripple, and the latter have a market value of tens of billions of dollars.


I think from the ecological point of view and the payment field, the Alchemy Pay decentralized payment protocol deserves our attention.


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