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What is JustSwap?


Recently, DeFi is undoubtedly the hottest area in the market. According to the latest data, the total amount of DeFi ecological lock-up has exceeded 6.381 billion US dollars. These figures are close to the first token import volume of major global exchanges in 2019, which shows that investors’ sentiment towards volatility has not decreased until 2019.

JustSwap is an exchange protocol on TRON for exchanges between TRC20 tokens.Conversion can happen easily between any 2 TRC20 tokens based on system price. All trading fees collected will directly go to liquidity providers of the protocol, rather than the protocol itself.This ensures full decentralization and security.JustSwap will create a new open financial market model.

TRON justswap

JustSwap, became the first DeFi project (DEFI SWAP) running on the TRON network. Earlier, Justin Sun called it a “Hundred Times Coin Factory” on Twitter, hoping to use it as an important traffic entrance for the wavelength DeFi ecosystem. In this regard, Justin Sun explained in depth the unique value potential of JustSwap and the broad-wavelength strategic layout and plan in the DeFi field.

JustSwap is the first centralized certificate replacement protocol for the TRON network. Users can easily exchange, system prices, and operations between all TRC20 passes. Without registering an account, just connect to the central wallet. Currently supports TronLink wallet. Users can also become liquidity providers and get handling fees, and the contract does not charge any commission.

In summary, JustSwap has the following 5 core advantages:

1) Traders can exchange all TRC20 passwords with lightning. Market makers can obtain zero critical profit.

2) Unlimited liquidity. Liquidity can be said to be the most important factor in the development of all projects, trading platforms, and the entire industry in the circle. JustSwap can provide unlimited liquidity for more than a thousand traders and hundreds of traders.

3) Convenient and fast. With JustSwap, you do not need to wait for the order to be established, you can start trading immediately. Open to everyone.

4) JustSwap zero threshold is open to everyone. Has been committed to providing a fair and just open financial market.

5) High yield. JustSwap continuously pays transaction fees to customers and does not charge commissions.


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