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Yam and Ampl coin are best value-added stable currency


Problems and risks of USDT:

  1. The currency of USDT is very unreasonable. The total amount is increasing, and it can still not depreciate. I feel that if USDT does not explode, it may exceed the market value of Bitcoin. Sooner or later, most of the funds will be absorbed into USDT.Especially when the currency market is unstable.
  2. The number of people in the currency market has been increasing, and the speed of USDT’s cash transfer is also increasing. USDT is a hidden danger sooner or later. You can see the relevant data on September 9, 2020. USDT turnover turned out to be three times that of BTC. I am not sure about BTC if can rise to 100,000 US dollars, but if USDT does not explode, there will be more room for growth than BTC and ETH.
  3. The market value of BTC and ETH has been fluctuating, but the market value of USDT has been growing. The problem is that USDT assets cannot grow when you invest in USDT.
  4. USDT may be completely controlled by the US government, and the total market value of USDT has been increasing. No matter how you speculate in currency, you are printing money to the United States.
  5. A country does not have good faith, so the so-called mortgage is worthless. Whenever you want to tear it up, you can tear it up. Only a completely uncontrolled stable currency is the pursuit of the currency market.

When people realize that USDT is not safe, it is the rise of YAM and AMPL.

YAM coin stable
  1. YAM and AMPL are both very early days. If this model succeeds, it will definitely be the next safe and stable USDT.
  2. It feels that this type of currency may surpass BTC, because I see a shadow on USDT. When the general environment is unstable and when YAM and AMPL become more and more stable, the market value will grow extremely fast, and the assets in our hands will also grow accordingly.


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